Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Diamond (3 no.)

The Diamond Sponsors were acknowledged as the premium supporters of the Conference, enjoying maximum exposure both before and during the Conference, with the highest priority of branding in all documentation and on-site signage. In addition, the Diamond sponsor each “hosted” one of the conference networking receptions or off-site programs. The networking receptions and off-site programs are a major highlight of a CTBUH Conference and hosting, and thus served as excellent promotion of the building. Each off-site program focused on a specific theme related to the program location through on-site presentations and an extensive tour of the site. The other benefits of the Diamond sponsorship are shown below.

Diamond Package Benefits include the following:

Exclusive Sponsorship Element

  • Exclusive branding as “Hosts” of a Conference Networking Reception or Off-site Program, taking place in the sponsor’s building*

 Reinforcing Expertise / Thought-Leader

  • Recognition as a premium sponsor of the Conference, with highest priority branding among sponsor levels
  • Opportunity for a Senior Director to deliver a conference presentation or be a speaker within a panel discussion
  • Opportunity for a Senior Director to give a brief address at the social networking event or within the off-site program

 VIP Conference Attendance

  • 6 complimentary conference-only registrations (Note: these need to incorporate the company’s speaker registration)
  • 3 complimentary VIP tickets to other conference networking receptions (for sponsors hosting networking receptions) or 3 complimentary VIP tickets to all conference networking receptions (for sponsors hosting off-site programs)
  • For sponsors hosting networking receptions, 10 complimentary VIP tickets to the hosted Networking Reception

 Pre-Event Advertising / Website

  • Logo included in all event collateral including Conference website homepage, 2017.ctbuh.org, and sponsor section (with web link), brochure, flyers, etc.
  • Logo included in pre-conference print and digital campaigns including CTBUH Journal, Monthly Newsletter and other media outputs
  • CTBUH support of sponsor-created e-blasts, sent by sponsor, promoting sponsor’s involvement in the event (e.g. supplying conference graphics, text, etc.)

 On-Site Promotion

  • Official recognition of sponsor at Conference opening and closing sessions from Conference Chair
  • Logo included in all on-site event collateral** including on-site Conference Program, stage backdrops, event signage, and walk-in/-out slide loop at Conference opening and closing sessions
  • Provision of area for a special-build Exhibition Booth (2m x 3m) in priority position (if desired)
  • Opportunity for small brochure inserts in delegate bags
  • Opportunity to place company material on sponsor table at the Conference (if not exhibiting)
  • Sponsor designation on name badge

 Media Relations & Social Media

  • Promotion to media and press outlets as a major supporter of the Conference
  • Promotion via CTBUH social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Logo included in press releases and pitching efforts

 Additional Benefits

  • Speaker presentation to be video-recorded and edited into a product to be promoted via digital campaign around the world after the event, thus reinforcing the sponsor as the authority in the field
  • Logo and coverage of sponsor’s Conference involvement (e.g. speaker contribution) to be included in the post-conference report to be promoted internationally after the event
  • Complimentary CTBUH Organizational Membership at “Supporting Contributor” level for one year (Note: for new members only; $10,000 value)

See the Diamond Sponsor benefits in the table at the bottom of this page.

Kindly Sponsored by:

*Note: Hosting a conference networking reception involves provision of the space for the reception, together with covering any ancillary building costs for maintenance, security, etc. It is NOT expected for the Host to cover any costs associated with catering for the event (i.e. drinks or canapés). A separate Platinum + Networking Reception sponsor is sought for each networking reception to help cover these additional costs. It is typical that the Platinum + Networking Reception sponsor is connected to the building accommodating the networking reception, through a consultant or supplier involvement in the project initially.
**Note: Each sponsorship package includes an element of exclusive sponsorship of a unique aspect of the Conference, so in some specific events/aspects, not all sponsor logos will be included.
***Note: Sponsorship fee is net of all taxes and fees. Any additional taxes and fees need to be paid by the sponsor.

Delegates fill the Grand Hyatt New York during the opening plenary of the CTBUH 2015 New York Conference.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor Benefits Table

 Diamond + Networking Reception Hosts / Off-Site Program Hosts
3 Packages / 0 Available
US$70,000 net*– with exhibition booth
US$60,000 net* – without exhibition booth
Sponsor Branding PriorityHighest Priority
Exclusive SponsorshipNetworking Reception or
Off-site Program
Complimentary Registrations (conference only)6 ($8,400 value)
Presentation or Speaker within Panel1 Conference Presentation + Address at Networking Reception or
1 Conference Presentation + 1 Off-site Program Presentation
Exhibition (if desired)Area for Optional Special-Build Exhibition Booth (2 m x 3 m)
Invites to Networking Receptions10 VIP Invites to Hosted Reception;
3 VIP Invites to Other Receptions or
3 VIP Invites to all Receptions
Recognition from Conference ChairAt Conference Open, Close, and Hosted Reception or
At Conference Open & Close
Logo on Conference Website Homepage
Small Brochure in Delegate Bags
Post-Event International Promotion of Presentation as Video Product
Logo in Pre-Conference Adverts in CTBUH Journal and Other Physical Inputs
Promotion via CTBUH Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Other Digital Platforms
Promotion through Media/Press Outlets
Company E-Blast Support (Including Graphics and Skyline)
Logo on Stage Backdrop and Venue Signage
Logo on Walk-in/out Slide Loop
Material on General Sponsor Table (Note: Only for those without exhibition or program room)
Logo and Conference Involvement Included in Post-Conference Report, Promoted Internationally
Recognition in Conference Program
Special Designation on Name BadgesSponsor
Logo on Web Sponsor or Exhibitor Section
CTBUH Membership (1 year, for new members only)Supporting Contributor
($10,000 value)

*Sponsorship fee is net of all taxes and fees. Any taxes and fees need to be paid by the sponsor.