Thursday, 2 November, 6:30 pm–8:30 pm
Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

A long day of programs gave way to an enjoyable and scenic reception, held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground sporting arena. The venue is the 10th-largest stadium in the world, and has been in a state of constant redevelopment since it was built in 1853. Food and drinks were served in the Harrison Room and Dean Jones Bar, both modern, versatile spaces offering sweeping views of the arena.

As the evening progressed, conversations bubbled between old friends and new acquaintances. Many attendees posed for pictures, with the serene cricket ground for a backdrop. Before the night was through, CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting, made a brief toast, introducing James Murray-Parkes, Science & Engineering Director, Multiplex Engineering Innovations Group and Yu Bai, Associate Professor, Monash University, who discussed the release of the Handbook for the Design of Modular Structures. Finally, Phil Gardiner, Managing Director, Irwinconsult, rounded off the night with some closing remarks.

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