As the recognized international authority on tall buildings, CTBUH conferences differ significantly from the many commercial conferences that are now being held around the world, in terms of both quality of knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities (see industry leader endorsement statement here). Dissemination of best-practice information is of primary importance at every CTBUH conference. Thus, every presentation given at the 2017 Conference was substantiated by an abstract and captured in the form of video for dissemination after the event. All delegates received a USB drive at the event, containing all abstracts and presentations given at the event. In addition, an extensive report and archive of the conference and all the material presented was collated after the event. To see past versions of our post-conference archives, see the links below:

Other than a USB, all delegates also received a conference bag, the conference themed journal issue, a namebadge and lanyard, and a delegate list of all attendees. See below for more information.

USB Drives

Every conference delegate received a USB drive containing a digital copy of all abstracts and every presentation given at the conference. This USB drive was carried by attendees throughout the event and, importantly, also continues to be used by delegates as a normal USB drive long after the event has ended. Printed on the USB is the logo of the sponsoring company.

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CTBUH Journal

Attendees were given a copy of the special conference issue of the CTBUH Journal, which was themed on the conference and distributed internationally to all CTBUH members. The issue was sponsored by a single company, with the company logo on the cover and a relevant paper contained within.

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Conference Bags

Every conference attendee was given a high-quality delegate bag upon arrival at registration, containing conference documentation and other items. This bag was usually carried by attendees throughout the event and was also used by many afterwards. The design changes each year, but often included imagery related to the conference theme, as well as the logo of the sponsoring company.

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Delegate List

Every conference delegate received the Delegate List, an important reference document used during and after the Conference. The delegate list contains the name, affiliation and location of every conference attendee.

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Name Badge Lanyard

A Conference name badge, holding color-coded name tags, was worn by every attendee. The lanyard (neck string/strap) occupied a prominent position around every delegate’s neck, giving the sponsoring company a high degree of brand visibility through the inclusion of their logo on the lanyard.

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