Tuesday, 31 October, 6:00 pm–9:00 pm
The Calyx, Sydney

The third day of the conference wound down with an elegant networking reception, sponsored by BG&E, held at The Calyx, a gorgeous venue in the heart of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden. Guests ate, drank, and mingled while taking advantage of The Calyx’s integrated mix of indoor and outdoor areas. Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting and Frank Cerra, Managing Director, BG&E peppered the proceedings with a few choice words, as well as announcements for the day to come.

“I have been lucky enough to have been to a few of these conferences in the past few years, and I have always come away with good technical knowledge and seen some old friends,” Cerra said. “It’s great seeing how CTBUH has evolved over time.”

Cerra recounted how, a bit like CTBUH, BG&E has broadened its horizons since its inception in the early 1970s with a single office in Perth. The firm now has 9 global offices and works on buildings of up to 400 meters in Australia, Asia the Middle East and the UK, and is currently working on the Sydney Metro and Quay Quarter. Cerra celebrated the dissimilarity of the projects BG&E works on, as much as the sometimes-surprising conviviality of a global industry.

“I hope I’ll bump into you; it’s a very small world out there,” he concluded.

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