With more than 100,000 people being added to greater Melbourne annually, it is currently the fastest growing capital city in Australia, and this is nowhere more visible than in the CBD’s northern fringe, home of Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne’s most visited tourist destination. Attracting 52 percent of all international visitors, the market holds a special place in the soul of the city and its growing community. Located along the northern fringe of the CBD, post-industrial relics of this historic “backdoor” to the city remain, always in conversation with the evolving skyscrapers that seem to effortlessly emerge among them at a rapid rate.

A testing ground for architectural innovation, supertall, super-slender towers break the mould of the traditional skyscraper with characteristic Melbourne flair – from green to purple to pink to gold; in squares, angles, curves; horizontal, vertical; fins, grids, and scales – there’s something for everyone! The precinct houses two of the CBD’s future tallest towers in Victoria One and Aurora Melbourne Central, testing the limits of density as it evolves and grows. It is anchored by the old dame of Queen Victoria Market, but also defined by the education hub of RMIT, with historic remnants of Melbourne’s history peppered throughout. The walk through this vertical community comprised a quintessentially Melbournian experience that highlights the aspiration and realization of an exciting and vibrant future nestled among the history of this truly international city.