Building Next-Generation Complete Communities

Peter Hodgins
AP Watson IoT EAM Executive
IBM Corporation, Sydney

Tall hybrid structures with mass timber will help re-define our neighborhoods to meet increased density demand and deliver sustainable objectives over the next 50 years.

To meet those objectives, zoning and building code reforms are paramount. Zoning by-laws that encourage mixed-use, height and density will open the door for building codes to recognize more sophisticated hybrid structures with mass timber. Accommodating various housing types will allow vibrant and vital complete communities to emerge.

While prevailing housing typologies are changing ideas about what defines mobility, the technology that drives this is changing as well. Smart phone technology allows us to be virtually anywhere, and various apps allows us to do even more. Exclusive zoning and the automobile are no longer relevant. The shift from low-density neighbourhoods to mixed-use multi-residential developments supports healthy public transit systems. Furthermore, off-site construction and Design for Manufacturing provides the economics without the disruptions that are typically associated with in-fill laneway housing, multi-unit apartment buildings and additional storeys on existing buildings. These create incentives to positively affect speed, ease, quality and cost and are essential or a “business-as-usual” approach will prevail.

Re-zoning and performance-based building code alternatives have become contentious, costly, frustrating and time-consuming endeavours. We will demonstrate how to build safe housing with multi-modal infrastructure. By using Design and Supply-chain Thinking we can accommodate current needs with just-in-time delivery and scale and grow for future needs.

Wood construction offers light modules and components that add to neighbourhoods without radically altering their character and composition. Proximity of new to existing structures gives rise to fresh patterns of movement, chance encounters and creative safe community building opportunities within new and currently exiting established neighbourhoods.

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