TRANSLATING TALL: The Role of Architecture Centers in Growing Public Interest in Skyscrapers

Yin Jia
EFC Engineering, Shanghai

Across the world today there are hundreds of architecture centers that produce year-round schedules of public programs meant to bring designers and common citizens into a shared dialogue about cities and the value of good urban design; a small collection of these centers has developed programs that zero in on the public’s fascination with tall buildings.

Attendees will hear direct from three prominent leaders in the field who have created best in class programs for public engagement, covering everything from temporary and permanent exhibitions to public lectures to publications. What information does the public crave about skyscrapers? How can designers, engineers, developers, and government officials participate in these independent public education efforts? What are the common challenges and opportunities in interpreting design for a lay audience? And what is considered best practice for creating a neutral platform for public discussion on current issues involving skyscrapers, including contentious and large-scale real estate developments.

Attendees will gain a curator’s perspective on what it takes to both entertain and inform public audiences about the art and science and finance of building tall.

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