Upward build, countrywide impact

Rodrigo Carazo
President - Design Director
Carazo Architecture, San José

For any city, the construction of its first Tall Building will be a challenge. Now try implementing a new design and construction method to the mix.

Colombia is a newcomer to high rise construction, having only a couple of buildings topping of the 40 storey mark, The Atrio Project, is an ambitious two Tower mixed used project set to change the way the country’s capital center looks like, and probably, the way the country builds. With the participation of local and international engineering and architectural firms and more than 4 years of work, the northern tower has been topped off and is getting ready for operation at the end of 2019, and the south tower, soon to be Colombia’s tallest building reaching 268 meters, will begin construction in 2020.

For anyone who has undergone the task of implementing BIM, taking on this methodology is known as a disruptive practice, and this was no exception, requiring the need for international and national consulting firms, Bogotá’s first high rise is the birthplace for BIM as a need for construction of mayor projects in Colombia.

This presentation will focus on the challenges of implementing a new design and construction methodology, in a country where BIM Maturity is at its lowest level for designers and construction companies and the impact it has for the eventual implementation of BIM as a national standard for construction projects. This presentation will revolve mainly on services engineering and multidisciplinary BIM implementation.