Tall Timber in Numbers ($$$)

Helen Lochhead
Dean, Faculty of Built Environment
UNSW Sydney, Sydney

There is no denying the drive in today’s modern society for change in respect to how we are treating our planet from an environmental perspective. Our children are being taught about recycling, waste, single use plastics, non-renewables etc. As a result of this, we in the Built Environment have a responsibility to explore alternative, more environmentally friendly ways to design and construct buildings with the protection and preservation of our environment very much in the forefront of our minds. We owe this to our children and to the future generations of the human race.

This presentation will look to analyse in detail current construction cost data for different types of tall timber buildings and compare this with tall buildings of a similar size and nature but built using more conventional type building materials (i.e. concrete and steel etc.). It will also look to compare and contrast the key cost drivers in tall timber construction together with analysing, from a cost perspective, different timber construction types (i.e. cross laminated timber (CLT), glue laminated timber (glulam or GLT), laminated veneer timber (LVT), hybrid timber (i.e. timber / concrete mix etc.).

The presentation will also look at the broader economic view on timber buildings and analyse some of the constraining factors around the supply and production of suitable quantities of timber for tall buildings around the globe. It will prompt where governments need to focus their efforts to help change the perceptions in using timber for tall buildings and incentivise the planting, growing and production of timber as a suitable and renewable construction material.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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