A New Era For Bogotá; Hybrid Construction And Global Partnerships

De Ming (Derry) Yu
Project Director
New World China Land Limited, Hong Kong

Global trends suggest that cities in emerging economies will continue undergoing substantial growth. High-rise construction will follow to meet the increased demand. Bogotá has seen an exponential increase in demand of prime office space over the last 10 years and this trend is set to continue in the next 50 years.
The construction of tall buildings in emerging markets has a diverse set of challenges that are not usually encountered on buildings in established markets. This requires a flexible approach to design that can respond to the local social, political and environmental conditions.
This presentation highlights the challenges that were faced in the design and construction of Atrio Torre Norte in downtown Bogotá, Colombia. The project aspires to bring a new generation of construction to the market, which enables efficient material usage and affordability.
The design team utilised a hybrid of steel and concrete in the construction of the tower, which is unusual in the local market where the majority of construction is in reinforced concrete. To maximise use of the established supply chains in Bogotá the steel quantities were minimised and only used where providing the clearest benefit to the end-user. For example, the use of steel enables a 20m by 20m column free office space, which is unique for a commercial building of this height, as well as enabling ambitious resilience and overall material efficiency.
The presentation will explore multiple aspects of the design and construction and provide insight into the design and challenges that building tall in Bogotá presents.

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