Tall hospitals: main challenges and an Italian case study to bear in MIND

David Pontarini
Founding Principal
Hariri Pontarini Architects, Toronto

In recent years, an increasingly growth of tall buildings aiming at iconic shapes has been observed. The trend towards the verticalism involves also medical centers but, given the complexity of the topic and the several fields of expertise involved during the design process, the evolution of this building category is quite complicated to interpret. Indeed, as revealed by a CTBUH study on “Tallest Hospitals”, in the last decades, the number of hospitals higher than 89m is only slightly increased, and the parameter “height” does not follow a monotonic increment.
Nowadays, the main discussion counterposes “horizontal” to “vertical hospitals” by comparing, for instance, sustainability and efficiency, aesthetic value and operability, etc.
In this presentation, Tall Hospital challenges are briefly recalled to introduce the project of the New IRCCS Galeazzi Hospital, presently under construction in the Milan INnovation District (M.IN.D.), located in the Ex-Expo2015 Area.
The 90m height building is the first and unique case of vertical hospital in Italy (and, therefore the tallest one). Throughout Europe, it aims to become a reference for medical research, innovation and therapy. Even in a densely populated urban area, its height facilitates innovative managerial choices and sustainability of the treatments, also through high-tech facilities and computerized vertical/horizontal transportation/handling systems.
Based on the interaction between Research, University Education and Top-Level Therapy, and following the most advanced organizational, operational, and people-oriented medical performances, the New Galeazzi Hospital aims to be the “Hospital of the Future”. The structure gathers existing and new medical centers by means of an integrated approach to optimize investments, improving quality and sustainability of the therapies. The project is under the evaluation process for the LEE GOLD V4 Certification.

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