New trends in structural design of super tall buildings

Thi Le Yen
Managing Director
Lavenue Investment Corporation, Ho Chi Minh City

New generation tall buildings will be taller, lighter and more slender and sustainable. Major design challenges are introduced in those modern tall buildings and those challenge for the engineers will increase in the future. It is obvious that slimmer and sustainable buildings have greater commercial value. The author has designed many buildings including the tallest building in Sri Lanka. The author is also now designing a super tall building with a height of 370 m in Colombo. In this presentation, using some recent case studies, the author will highlight the major issues and how new techniques such as computational fluid dynamics, performance-based seismic design, neural network methods for selecting number of piles etc. were used in designing tall buildings. Inconsistency in different codes around the world is a major problem for designers. Other important issues such as fire safety design and fa├žade design, material compliance also bring some challenges. To overcome these deficiencies and to bring some consistency in design, the author is leading a team to develop specifications and guidelines for tall buildings for the main building authority in Sri Lanka. The scope of these specifications include Structural Design, Construction and Building Services Design. This work will also be presented. Powerful Computers have given more opportunities for design and topology optimisation. Presentation will include how these techniques can be incorporated in modern tall building design.

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