Tall Buildings – International Building Cost Comparison (Past, Present & Future)

Alper Dilek
Design Director
Ronesans Holding, Istanbul

The demand for building tall amongst Developers is still high. Increasing city land values, the shortage of available prime site locations (in particular amongst the major cities in the world within which we want to live and work) and the pressure to realize decent growth returns on investments by shareholders, is all having an impact on the densities and efficiencies of tall buildings and building design and indeed the types of mixes and amenities provided within the overall modern day developments themselves.

This presentation will first briefly touch on historical tall building construction cost data from the previous 50 years back and will then look to analyse and compare in more detail current construction cost data around the globe for various tall building asset types. It will demonstrate where in the world it is currently cheaper and more expensive to build tall and the reasons why. It will also analyze the key cost drivers in tall buildings and how some of these have changed over the years, whilst some of which still remain at the heart of tall buildings construction costs. The presentation will then look to predict tall building construction cost data into the future.

Finally this presentation will discuss the economics in tall building construction and where designers, cost managers and contractors are finding solutions to help deliver more economical tall buildings without necessarily affecting the quality of design.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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