Namba Parks, Osaka, is one of 14 case studies featured in the new Urban Habitat Technical Guide.

James Parakh, CTBUH Urban Habitat/Urban Design Committee Chair; Urban Design Manager, City of Toronto Planning Department, will lead the workshop.

When: Sunday, 29 October 2017
Venue: 173 Sussex Street

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In recent years, CTBUH has further honed its focus on the role of tall buildings within a city and how those tall buildings affect the quality of life for those that live or work within or near them. This emphasis on the urban habitat has resulted in a number of initiatives led by the CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee, including most recently a new Technical Guide entitled, “The Space Between: Urban Places, Public Spaces & Tall Buildings,” which covers best practice examples of urban habitat from around the world, and the 4th annual global walking tour series, which focused this year on the space within tall buildings.

This workshop, held on Sunday October 29 – the day before the CTBUH 2017 Australia Conference – will be convened to discuss the progress of the UH/UD Committee across a number of initiatives, in addition to setting the agenda for the committee moving forward.

The two-session workshop will begin with an update on the activities of the UH/UD Committee, led by committee chair James Parakh, Urban Design Manager, City of Toronto Planning Department. Further presentations by select UH/UD committee members will bring workshop attendees up to speed on the full scope of committee activities.

In a second session, the workshop will open up to a larger discussion that will frame the committee’s 2018 agenda. The initial discussion topic will revolve around the ingredients that create a successful publicly accessible interior space in a tall building. As that is fleshed out, the conversation will transition into a discussion of what themes the committee should focus on for next year’s global walking tours, in addition to any other ideas about events that receive global participation.

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