8 Chifley – PM presenter

Avtar Lotay
Managing Director
Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Sydney

The tower at 8 Chifley provides functional quality offices while creating opportunities for connectivity between occupiers from different parts of the building. The office spaces across 21 levels are connected by a series of adaptable two- and three-story interlinked vertical “villages.” These villages, ranging in size from 1,800 to 2,600 square meters, provide the building with a high degree of flexibility, while creating a variety of individual workspace environments that allow privacy and interaction between individuals. This floor space, within a void and yet within the tower, allows the redistribution of space higher up in the building where better views can be enjoyed. The villages are interspersed with full-floor office levels, which allow for multiple villages to be connected. These dramatic vertical business units, each up to four floors, frame magnificent views over the cityscape. The larger “villages” create 45 percent more perimeter space with enhanced natural light, compared to traditional floorplates, providing flexibility for either open-plan or cellular-office layouts.

Central to the building’s sense of connectivity and community is the building’s social heart: its elevated “village square,” on the 18th floor, set within a three-story void. This landscaped space contains a glass pavilion for all-weather use. The profiled roof allows level 30 to take on similar qualities to the loggia spaces at ground level and at level 18. Framed by a wind-permeable structure that neutralizes the wind load, the light structure provides shading to the terrace, while allowing an open character.

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