Triggering New Expectations – Reimagining New Client and People Experiences

Debra Eckersley
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sydney

Over six months to February 2017, PwC moved over 6,000 people in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (Barangaroo) to “new ways of working”. But this was about way more than a “move” - this was a once-in-a -generation opportunity to reinvent the experience for clients - triggering new expectations of who PwC is. The stereotypical views of professional services are alive and well; these had to be turned on their head. The focus was reinvention – creating something that didn’t currently exist in professional services.

To truly put our clients at the heart of our purpose (“Building trust in society and solving important problems”) the team spoke with clients to understand their perceptions and needs.

But we didn’t stop there – we proactively engaged with different industries, consciously seeking input from industries such as airlines, retail, hospitality and technology. With our purpose and values as our guiding light, we spent time understanding how we could take the best of what these industries had to offer into our end-to end client journey - encompassing signature and enabling technologies, food and beverage offerings and distinctive interior design.

Alongside understanding and articulating our vision for our new client experience, we knew what would really make the difference is our inspired and empowered people. Our people need to live this everyday. Our competitors can duplicate design, but can’t duplicate how each and every person at PwC interacts with their clients every day.

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