The Psychology of Place

Natalie Slessor
General Manager of Workplace and Change
Lendlease Corporation, Sydney

So many decisions about place are property decisions, not people decisions. If we were to put people and community at the heart of everything we do, what might change? We all know that places are not created equal. But we have studied how buildings and precincts are used over time by some of the world’s most progressive users and businesses. We listen and we observe – over 1 million data points have been taken over the last 3 years on interior space utilization alone by our workplace team.

We have a restless curiosity to better understand the key drivers for change – technology, social change and seismic shifts in the economic environment. We have learned that the best places are an interplay of factors – from the urban scale, to the amenities, the exact specification of the buildings and technology, and to human scale experiential factors. The presentation discussed the social changes that we, as property professionals, need to be leaning into to truly deliver the user experience of the future.

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