Transforming the High-Rise Workplace - Quay Quarter Tower

Michael Wheatley
Development Director
AMP Capital Investors, Sydney

Nowadays, people can work anywhere at any time, and the paradigm of workers being housed within the four walls of the traditional workspace is being challenged. Offices therefore must move beyond a 9-5 environment to attract and retain talent, and to be places that people want to be, where teams and people will come together specifically to socialize and collaborate with their peers. These attributes and benefits, so successfully demonstrated in “campus-style” offices, have long been the challenge for the high-rise workplace.

Quay Quarter Tower looks at the high-rise office in a new way. It takes the benefits of the large-format, “campus-style” office, and goes vertical with 2,000m2 floorplates. With five stacked vertical villages breaking down the scale of 90,000m2 tower, Quay Quarter provides a human-scaled response to the tower workplace. The creation of smaller, connected communities through atriums delivers the style of workplace that has been the traditional domain of the “campus-style” workplace.

With an increasing focus on productivity, diversity in the type and character of spaces across large-scale floors supports a combination of work styles, from intimate gatherings to large-scale knowledge sharing, creating a real workplace amenity.

Quay Quarter Tower’s design also recognizes that the workplace must be supported by the service provided for tenants and customers. Co-working spaces, collaborative spaces, flexible meeting rooms, shared building amenities and a seamless digital experience are now just as critical to customers and businesses as is the high-rise office space itself.

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