Performance of the Foldable Fire-Evacuation Staircase for High-Rise Residents

Myung Sik Lee
Dongguk University, Seoul

A "Foldable Fire-Evacuation Staircase" (FFES) allows a person to evacuate through a railing directly from the balcony when there is a fire in a high-rise apartment and residents need to evacuate urgently and the escape route through the entrance is impassable. FFES are completely different from general escapes and can be used easily as an emergency evacuation. In particular, FFES are installed on the outer wall of the balcony, so that it is not used by adjacent households to prevent privacy infringement, and is used in the same way as the existing balcony railings. In case of evacuation, it is a fire evacuation facility that is used as an outdoor evacuation staircase. In addition, it can be used as a safety instrument over the existing balcony railings while maintaining the beauty of the existing balcony railings. It is only possible to use outdoor fire escape facilities to evacuate residents in case of an emergency.

In order to examine the evacuation performance as a substitute facility equivalent to the top-down type evacuation stairs of FFES, evacuation safety evaluations were carried out and a total of 18 evacuation safety evaluation scenarios were established. The effectiveness of FFES was analyzed in various ways. Therefore, it is considered that FFES acts as an alternative facility by sufficiently performing the role of expanding the evacuation route options of the occupant in the case of the top - down evacuation port.

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