Responsive Architecture and Workplace: A Paradigm Shift

Richard Francis-Jones
Design Director
fjmt, Sydney

Our workplace is undergoing dramatic and significant change. Gone are the days of rows of cubicles; in their place are flexible, responsive and adaptable work environments. The workplace tower has evolved into a healthy, human-supportive, rich and varied environment that reflects the diversity of our work.

Organisations want highly efficient and productive work, but also – despite their global markets, or perhaps because of them – seek a sense of the uniqueness of place. They want to be inspired by where they work, in a way that reflects their own values and aspirations. The EY Centre seeks to respond to these changing and evolving concepts to make a different kind of workplace tower, a building that reinterprets and honors the uniqueness of it’s place and grows out of its site. A warm human tower made of natural timber, and a tower environment that is responsively adjusting to the position of the sun and occupant need to create a healthy and sustainable workplace.

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