London and Sydney: Public Space as a Connector

Ian Lomas
Make, Sydney

Two projects, in Sydney and London respectively, are currently being designed and delivered for Brookfield. These schemes address different infrastructure challenges and community needs, but both dedicate their ground planes to public use.

Wynyard Place
This project is creating a grand urban room in Sydney’s CBD. A new transit hall for Wynyard Station is at its heart, celebrating the civic qualities of public transport and providing an entrance into the city. Suspended above the hall hangs the lift cores of a new 27-story, 55,000 square meter office tower above, providing a dramatic portal to the station. The base of the tower laces into the historic Shell House to provide 100-meter-long lateral spaces that National Australia Bank will occupy in the future.

London Wall Place
Drawing on the historically fine and unruly grain of London, this scheme sees a sequence of new gardens emerge in the city center – a multi-layered setting for two new 50,000 square meter office buildings. The larger building, set to house Schroders’ headquarters, challenges the introverted nature of many City of London institutions, while the second is the final member of a local skyscraper grouping, with a contextually appropriate 16 floors.

This presentation took the form of a panel discussion between the architects and developers of these projects, who examined the ways each forms a ‘connector’ in its city. They discussed the need for people-focused urban design and conclude with a look at how urban density can be increased at ground level.

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