A Clients Perspective of the "Icon"

Brian Moore
Manager of Delivery
University of Technology, Sydney, Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a distinctive "Urban Campus” at the southern end of Sydney’s CBD. The campus incorporates student housing and a recently completed green space to complement a significant campus construction program of new teaching and learning facilities. However, when people think of the UTS campus they are more likely to imagine a group of disparate buildings scattered around the southern end of the city, but an interesting often overlooked feature is that students can circulate around this urban campus to the majority of university buildings without crossing a road, via a network of bridges and public spaces.

It is this “convenient urbanity” that is one of UTS’s greatest assets, and when commissioning new facilities we consider not only the learning opportunities for students but the place-making of the buildings we are commissioning and how they are contextualized in the surrounding urban fabric. The iconic nature of Dr Chau Chak Wing Building embodies this thinking and has contributed to the new public perception of UTS as an institution.

The icon has helped defined UTS as a progressive and inspirational place to learn, and this presentation examined how an iconic building can transform the experience for students and staff and contribute to branding the university as a place of creativity and innovation.

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