One Central Park, Sydney – A Retrospective of Transformation: Rationale, Intention and Technology

Mark Giles
Senior Associate
PTW Architects, Sydney

One Central Park, Sydney realizes an aspiration of city sustenance and vivacity, by achieving a synergy of density, nature, systems, amenity and public domain, together with vibrancy of urban life and delight.

The 34-story East Tower and 18-story West Tower provide 624 apartments for about 1,660 people and sit on top of a five-story retail podium with basement parking. The façade of the towers incorporates 23 green walls, 250,000 plants, vertical climber cables and 5.5 linear kilometers of planters. The façade distinguishes the building as a thriving Sydney landmark, as does the 40-meter cantilevered heliostat reflector frame.
This presentation involved 3 main parts:

Part 1 – Decorous
The project results from a respect-driven balancing of local neighbors’ amenities with design for the occupants; of designing to cultivate local community; of facilitating pedestrian and vehicular movement; and of counterbalancing all with a commitment to enhancing the city.

Part 2 – Healing
Previously private, gated and enclosed, this large urban site has undergone a healing process, introducing new linkages, pathways, places to rest and contemplate. Yet it preserves fragments and traces of history and past uses.

Part 3 – Sustaining Systems
Extensive green works have taken place around the facade and ground spaces, including water recycling, sun-reflective heliostats, and a centralized thermal plant. From a social sustainability perspective, urban life, pedestrian emphasis, and domestic privacy are balanced with social interaction.