Sustainable Sydney 2030 Plan

Monica Barone
City of Sydney, Sydney

Adopted in 2007, after 18 months of extensive consultation, Sustainable Sydney 2030 expresses the community's vision and the City's commitment to the sustainable development of Sydney to 2030 and beyond. Sustainable development is not just about the physical environment. It is also about the economy, society, and culture. Addressing each of these areas, with bold ideas and good governance, will result in better outcomes for current and future communities. Sustainable Sydney 2030 is thus a plan for a city that is “Green, Global and Connected”.

The plan's narrative describes the nexus between environmental performance, economic prosperity and social well-being. Updated every four years, it is Sydney's highest level strategic plan, providing the overarching framework for everything that is undertaken at the City of Sydney and every resource that is allocated. In 2016, the City of Sydney processed over AU$5 billion of new development. The City's major projects are the CBD Light Rail (now managed by Transport for NSW) and the AU$13 billion Green Square Urban Renewal site. In her presentation, Barone addressed the thinking underpinning the plan, and demonstrates its core content through examples.

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