Benchmarking Our Performance – How Does Sydney Compare?

Eamon Waterford
Director of Policy
Committee for Sydney, Sydney

Successful global cities do not happen by accident. The Committee for Sydney believes that the world’s best cities, like the best companies, need to know how well they are doing and take action to progress further. For Sydney to maintain its position as a globally significant city, leaders must get better at measuring the performance within the city. They need to create systems that react in real time to this information, becoming a data-driven, responsive city. To achieve this, the Committee for Sydney has benchmarked Sydney’s performance against other global cities in key areas, including the economy, society, and livability, using a meta-analysis of 51 global indices, reviewed with a focus on 14 relevant indicators in comparison with 33 of Sydney’s peer cities.

One area where Sydney remains a global leader is its image, brand, and influence. Few other cities around the world boast the immediately recognizable harbor, or an economic strength combined with a world-leading cultural and lifestyle offering. However, there remain challenges facing Sydney, as it grows to eight million people over the next few decades. This presentation examined how Sydney compares to other cities around the globe, and what the implications of its successes and challenges are for the future of the city – and other global cities.

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