Sky Tower's Modernization Success

Arron Money
Executive Manager
SKYCITY Entertainment Group, Auckland

This presentation described how elevator modernization improved the reliability, energy efficiency, and availability of four elevators in the Sky Tower building in Auckland, New Zealand.

SKYCITY Entertainment Group modernized four elevators in Sky Tower, three with conventional steel rope, and one with KONE UltraRope – a lightweight, non-stretching, carbon fiber-based technology with a lifetime twice that of steel ropes. This technology reduces elevator moving masses, cuts energy consumption, and mitigates the effects of building sway that would otherwise cause unplanned downtime.

The modernization has reduced overall elevator energy consumption remarkably. The elevator modernized with UltraRope, which travels the height of the building and doubles as a service elevator, can also now travel 1.5 m/s faster between floors. SKYCITY can also now monitor the equipment status, demand, traffic performance, and availability of all the elevators from a single location.

The modernization work had a minimal impact on visitors to the building, and is supporting SKYCITY in its goal to become a market leader in energy efficiency. The modern, reliable elevators contribute to an improved customer experience and also minimize unplanned downtime, resulting in a positive impact on revenue.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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