Wynyard Place

Ken Shuttleworth
Founding Partner
Make, London

As the global urban population continues to grow apace, so too does the need to address questions over density, affordability, and sustainability in the urban environment. These issues are, of course, nuanced according to climate, culture, topology, and demography, but the same broad challenges face major cities around the world as they seek to retain and better their position in the global marketplace.

This keynote speech examined the principles of tall urban environments, exploring how high-rise buildings can be developed sustainably to meet a city’s existing and future needs. Examples were discussed of inspiring, humanized tall buildings tailored to their location, including Wynyard Place, a forthcoming development in Sydney’s CBD that features a 27-story office tower above a new transit hall for Wynyard Station.

The presentation focused on Wynyard Place as a future-oriented connector of people and infrastructure; explored its function as a catalyst connecting and shaping the urban transformation currently under way in Sydney; and discussed the way the tall building typology at large is evolving to address density without sacrificing heritage, landscape, connectivity, or local culture. It concluded by addressing the need for collaboration and idea-sharing across the engineering, development, and infrastructure industries to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and improve the built environment’s response to these global issues.

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