Martin Place – A Developer and Long Term Owner's View

Mark Tait
Group Executive & Head of Commercial Development
Investa Property, Sydney

The presentation discussed the revitalization of Martin Place, Sydney. Subject areas included the history of the Martin Place Owners Group and the revitalization of Martin Place as Sydney’s historic center of business and finance. The conversation also covered the arrival of tech companies in the area and the new leasing profile that has resulted. It offered an owner’s viewpoint on the investment attributes of Martin Place in the last decade, and demonstrated these through a case study of the 60 Martin Place building.

The case study proceeded through the development challenges to the project, including efforts to gain authority approvals, the lessons gained from an international design competition, the negotiations required to obtain the air rights and cantilever the building over a heritage-listed church, and efforts to reconcile the regeneration effort with the needs of the homeless population in the area. Lastly, it offered a preview of how the project will look upon completion in 2019.

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