Services and Sustainability - 1 Bligh Street

Haico Schepers
Arup, Sydney

This elliptical-shaped 30 floor commercial tower in the heart of Sydney set new standards for sustainability and innovative high-rise design in Australia. Meshing design and engineering skills, Arup helped transform a bold architectural idea into a functional building that became Sydney’s first 6 Star Green Star high-rise building.

The double skin glass façade enables the use of much clearer glass than in a typical commercial building, while still achieving the high levels of solar control needed in Sydney’s climate. External blinds are automated to track the suns path providing maximum solar control when needed.

Designed to target a 5 Star NABERS energy rating, engineering innovations include passive chilled beams on the perimeter to allow for effective tracking of solar loads, and the first use of black water recycling in high-rise office buildings, saving 100,000 liters of drinking water a day. A solar cooling system feeds into the tri-generation system, and is the first of its kind in a commercial office tower in Australia. The system reduces the strain on the CBD grid infrastructure by a further 25% and provides free cooling for the building.

The 30-story atrium with a clear glazed skylight is a spectacular space with balconies and bridges cutting into the void. This naturally ventilated space removes the need for mechanical cooling and the space creates a sense of openness and connectivity on every floor. This 6 Star Green Star sets a benchmark for integrated sustainability in a premium grade tower.

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