Double Skin Facade – European Design Translated for Australian Conditions

Kerryn Coker
Arup, Sydney

1 Bligh Street, Sydney, is a spectacular example of innovation, sustainable design, and design excellence, creating a premium-grade commercial space that sets a new benchmark in Australia. The double skin façade was a key element in the architectural design of the development. The challenge for this project was to interpret this system to respond to the hot climate and bright skies of Sydney whilst still achieving the highly glazed architectural intent. It is the use of this double skin façade with its automated external blind which enables the unique combination of excellent solar control and maximum daylight ingress and access to views. This presentation explained the various innovative façade systems applied to 1 Bligh Street, and the design process that the team engaged in founded on local and international collaboration and integrated design which resulted in the successful delivery of the unique façade systems on this exceptional building.

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