Innovation, Connectivity & Coherence – Building Homes with Heart by Riding on the Railway Network

Sam Lai
Project Director, General Manager
Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, Hong Kong

Transportation and infrastructure are like blood veins, providing essential life-sustaining ingredients for vibrant cities. Likewise, successful building projects require excellent connections with a good transportation network. In past decades, the property market in China has developed rapidly and undergone some major changes. The Chinese government has invested heavily in infrastructure and transportation networks to connect citizens and to facilitate this kind of rapid growth. Following the success of exemplary building projects in Hong Kong, such as developments above the Hong Kong and Kowloon MTR stations, Sun Hung Kai Properties has made use of its experience in constructing properties over rail stations, and replicated similar developments in tier-one Chinese cities. The presentation discussed the opportunities and challenges related to these transit-oriented developments, and suggested how to make the best use of these developments and create an enjoyable cityscape which is innovative, connected, and coherent.

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