Maintaining the Life Cycle and Increasing the Value of High-Rise Buildings

Jeffrey Montgomery
Director, Major Projects, Asia-Pacific
KONE, Singapore

When new buildings are planned and developed, they utilize the best technology and know-how available; however, as buildings age, the purpose of the building may change. Once-novel technologies become outdated. Knowing this, building owners face the challenge of new buildings being built all the time, so the only way to stay competitive on the market is to keep the building attractive and well-functioning.

Vertical transportation is one key contributor in maintaining the life cycle of the building. By modernizing, improvements can be achieved in safety, security, equipment availability, people flow, energy use, and user experience. Also new technologies, such as modern cloud-based remote monitoring systems, can be introduced for better transparency.

Starting with an understanding of the current status of the people flow in the building, and the value-added changes that need to be made, planning a smart modernization will add value to the building. Emerging technologies in people-flow data-gathering and analysis, coupled with emerging connected big data systems, form a basis for people flow modification. With the addition of user experience updates and modifications, a full modernization package for the building can be realized.

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