Improving the Value of Buildings Through a Smart Lobby Approach

Steve Gonzalez
Director - Major Projects
KONE, Chicago

The need to optimize people flow and facilitate a smooth and hassle-free lobby environment is crucial for a well-functioning building. Office lobby environments provide the first impression of a building and reflect the values associated with tenants’ brands. The flow can be transparent, add to, or detract from the impression, either masking the message tenants want to convey or ensuring its delivery. Optimizing people flow and user experience in offices requires a holistic assessment of overall building use: Why is the building there? How does it function? How do people use the available space? And how does peoples’ movement – horizontally and vertically – facilitate that usage? A clear understanding of the tenants' visions, along with extensive usage data acquisition and analysis, enable solution creation that significantly improves the building’s operational performance as well as the experience of its occupants. This discussion presents a smart lobby approach that creates a seamless, enjoyable, and fluent experience for end users by combining expert knowledge of the individual and complex operational aspects of a building.

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