The Design of One William Street, Brisbane

Joyce Lee
NSW Discipline Manager – Building Structures
Arcadis, Sydney

One William Street, Brisbane, is a 44-story landmark office tower situated in the heart of the city's CBD. At 220 meters, it will provide over 70,000 square meters of modern and efficient premium office space for more than 4,000 government employees, as well as private sector tenants. The architectural vision to achieve an elegant built form posed many structural engineering challenges. Some of these challenges were (1) the design of a major transfer floor at the third level, where 20 typical office floor columns transfer to 10 tower columns through the podium and basement levels; (2) an accelerated design and construction program; (3) the design of the feature steel roof, pitched at 54 degrees across six levels with a maximum height of 24 meters above slab level with complex curved geometry; (4) location of the tower on a steep site adjacent to the river and consideration of the basement design to address the natural ground batter, as well as water inflows from the river; and (5) wind tunnel testing of the tower to ensure compliance of building accelerations with recommended international guidelines. This presentation discussed some of these challenges and how they were overcome through innovation, collaboration, and by pushing the limits of normal engineering practice.

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