Resilient Design Optimization – An Oxymoron or a Reality?

Don Davies
Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Seattle

With the rise in global temperatures and larger, more frequent, and intense wind hazards, design resiliency is gaining attention within the built environment. Seismic resilience, with a heightened interest in serviceability performance and minimizing cladding and non-structural damage also continues to advance within Performance Based Seismic Design (PBSD). When looking to make a building more resilient for wind, seismic, or other considerations, a first approach is often to just increase factors of safety in the design, leading to more material use for the same built square footage.

Are we making smart decisions with this? Is this a sustainable answer to this challenge? Are there other equivalent strategies with less cost and material? This presentation explored these questions, with comparative case studies of recent built tall building projects, where different strategies have been employed while in the pursuit of similar goals.

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