Virtually Connected Cities

Severine Chapus
Vice President of Strategy & Digital Transformation Cross Industry Initiatives
Dassault Systèmes, Paris

Singapore is an island city-state with a tropical climate and multicultural population. Virtual Singapore, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, offers a collaboration and communication environment that enables cities, businesses and citizens alike to experience the city, and the activities within it. The presentation showcased how Virtual Singapore has been created, and how the different stakeholders meet to co-envision and co-create the future of Singapore.

Cities today face challenges that stem from a continuously increasing urban population. Traditional planning means and models are outdated, and new strategies are needed that comprehend the urban environment in a more holistic and multi-dimensional manner. In particular, focus is given to the study and development of urbanity as a resilient “system of systems.” As a result, and in reflection of desired urban densities, compact architectures and developed cities – an enriched environment can be realized with variable relationships, usages, and lifestyles.

Urban Innovation Platforms form the critical basis for capturing and federating cities’ data, and to enable the ideation, planning, design, realization, operation and optimization of those cities. Innovation platforms are communication platforms that enable different stakeholders, such as public agencies, academic research communities and the private sector to come together and collaborate. In particular, for the increasingly complex and dense cities of the future, three- and four-dimensional cross-domain approaches will become necessary to appropriately capture the complexities of urban networks and the cascading effects within those networks.

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