Smart Urban Mobility

Christian Schulz
Chief Operating Officer

The objective of this presentation was to showcase solutions to the increasing need for extending the uptime of vertical transportation components and provide building insights and user convenience in tall buildings.

The Internet of Elevators and Escalators is the foundation for a platform that shares among relevant parties all relevant information around vertical building traffic. Building owners get insights and the transparency they need to better manage their buildings. Facility managers receive real-time information about planned and unplanned maintenance. Tenants are informed by the building management about any changes of equipment availability. Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable optimized maintenance and service schedules.

Ultimately, people living in these smart, connected buildings will experience a seamless vertical journey and profit from interactive information flow. The Internet of Elevators and Escalators will play a key role in realizing the continuous improvement of the urban ecosystem, delivering benefits to all stakeholders in that ecosystem.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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