Investigating Fresh Air Intake with Respect to WELL Building Standards in Tall Structures

Glan Blake Thomas
AET Flexiblespace, London

This presentation investigated the implications of people connected to the environment and their workspace through air quality. Air quality plays a pivotal role in connecting all urban spaces with the people using these spaces, and there are complex factors associated with density, urbanization, and development that may or may not be managed. This presentation discussed the effects of outdoor air on indoor air quality within tall structures and various methods of delivery to the workers. With the WELL standard gaining momentum as the leading standard for healthy buildings, the complexities of applying these standards to tall structures in dense urban environments are investigated. First, the presentation investigated the location of fresh air intakes, bearing in mind influences of tall buildings on city pollution and where this is generated. Second, gate solutions are considered to reduce the overall floor-to-floor height of tall structures and how these could be a solution to create more sustainable, productive, healthy buildings with occupant comfort in mind. Third, this presentation discussed the various systems and ways in which fresh air can be effectively introduced to office workers with respect to indoor air quality and occupant well-being.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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