Leveraging Density for High-Performance Façades: Barangaroo International Towers

Jorg Kramer
Senior Consultant
Arup, Sydney

This presentation revisited the high-performance façade design of the International Towers at Barangaroo South in the heart of Sydney. An integral part of the building design concept, the façade shading was defined with the help of computational optimization, in order to maximize views and daylight, while keeping within a heat-load target that would allow achievement of the desired energy ratings. With this strategy, the concurrent development placed the towers in close proximity. This allows the towers to capitalize on the density of the urban context that they themselves create. An architectural language was developed to account for the variability of shading conditions, creating variety and grain across the large-scale façades. Seven years after development of the design, and with the buildings now in operation, the presentation compared opportunities for optimization in high-density developments today, illustrated by the approach taken in the early implementation phase at Barangaroo South.

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