Global Cities Brand versus Local Neighborhood Operations

Christian Derix
Principal and Director – SuperSpace
Woods Bagot, Sydney

Civitas is a search engine for urban conditions developed by Superspace to identify qualities of livability and urban experiences that suit tacit desires and explicit requirements. Large data sets of socio-spatial quantities are selectable, facilitating bespoke analytics across scales from whole cities to neighborhoods, buildings, and even floors based on three categories: (1) spatial character, (2) connectivity, and (3) land-use densities. Matches can be made across vast scales down to a desk. Each place (street, plot, building) is given a profile to match weighted intentions. Civitas has been applied to New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin, and San Francisco. While conducting studies for bespoke end-users, the researchers noticed that, while the global profile of cities varied, their local neighborhoods turned out to be very similar when it came to certain types of end-users operations. The branding of global cities appears to be a façade by which clients seek to normalize their local environments. The presentation featured pilot case study using Civitas for the New York real-estate market; the presenters questioed the role of AI-based, data-driven urban search models in an urban real-estate and planning context.

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