Life in the Sky: Community and Connectivity in Residential High-Rises

Andrew Liu
Vice President; Service Leader, Global Excellence Center
CallisonRTKL, Shanghai

Densifying urban areas have long turned to the tall tower as a solution for accommodating more people, but it is only recently that we have considered the impact of the lifestyle created by high-rises. Life at 40 stories above ground is inherently different from a home at ground level on a quiet neighborhood street. As we look to humanize the tall tower, making it an extension of our horizontal cities and the urban experience, it’s worth considering how we create spaces within skyscrapers where we are at our most comfortable and most authentic versions of ourselves – at home.

This presentation examined how residential high-rise design can create a sense of community and provide services and amenities from the penthouse to the street, providing welcoming places to live that offer connectivity at all levels – not just on the ground. Taking into account wide variations in cultural context worldwide, through a series of case studies and proposed solutions, areas for improvement in design, planning, construction, and collaboration with clients and communities were discussed and used as the basis for a modern blueprint for the connected, human-scaled tower.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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