The Vertical Corporate Campus: Workplace Models for High-Rise Typology

Simon Dick
Woods Bagot, Melbourne

Our design approach for Telkom Landmark Tower creates a seamless campus for Telkom Indonesia to encourage interaction. The design philosophy embraces cultural and contextual sensitivity, in-depth study of programmatic needs and pragmatic functions, and dedication to sustainability. The scheme combines existing building upgrades and the addition of two new towers and a shared podium. The two towers provide office space, while the multi-story podium creates elevated conditioned space to house F&B facilities, an auditorium, retail space, a fitness center, clinic, and mosque, as well as a signature “Experience Center.” The podium serves as the heart of the Telkom Campus in addition to providing outdoor space in an open breezeway at ground level, accessible to Telkom staff and guests. This area is easily monitored to allow for private “all hands" events and periodic public celebrations.

The form of the central tower inflects in response to the dynamic environmental site conditions and the many view corridors available. Tracking up the tower, the profile transforms to a rotated square at the crown. The tower is relieved in its interior arrangement by a series of six sky lobbies, each of which create collaborative workplace commons to serve corresponding office programs. The design applies cohesive façade strategies that both unify the overall aesthetic of the project, mitigate solar heat gain, harness innovative water reclamation and reuse techniques, and increase access to natural light. The façade detail, which manages sun shading and daylight penetration, is inspired by the traditional patterns of Batik design unique to Indonesia.