Creating Connected Places Through the Power of Building Data

Peter Halliday
Head of Building Performance & Sustainability
Siemens Building Technology, Zurich

This presentation uncovered best practices related to connecting buildings with their operators, occupants, and the cities of which they are part. It focused on how the Internet of Things and analytic capabilities create more efficient buildings that create value for their owners/occupants, and interact more productively with the urban energy grid and other important infrastructure.

What role do buildings serve within urban environments and how can data help to create more perfect places to work and live? The process begins with a strong understanding of the KPIs that are most relevant for success. Next, the right data is carefully sourced in order to create insights through advanced analytics and the application of human expertise. Finally, by taking action either on-site or remotely, working and living conditions are improved, operating and capital expenditures are reduced, and the building becomes an active contributor to balancing the energy grid and advancing the progression of clean energy options.

This is an exciting time to be constructing, retrofitting, and connecting buildings in urban habitats. Opportunities are available today to make investments more effective, operations more sustainable and building occupants safer and more productive.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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