Cyclone-Resistant Curtain Walls for the Resiliency of Buildings & Cities

Jennifer Schneider
Structural and Security Glazing Segment Manager
Trosifol, Wilmington

Just as earthquakes, extreme storm events such as cyclones and storm surges represent a serious threat to the survival of buildings and developing cities. As a result, fa├žade manufacturers have developed cyclone-resistant curtain walls to prevent damage caused by wind-borne debris. This is an effective solution to increase the resiliency of buildings and cities in particularly prone areas, where cyclone events can occur multiple times a year. Miami has been the most demanding market for these technologies, but there has been an increase in the demand for building resiliency in developing cities in the coastal areas of the Asia-Pacific region, such as in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Manila. Buildings in these areas are seeing an increase in the frequency and severity of cyclones, which are threatening to building occupants and businesses. A CTBUH Research Project, sponsored by Trosifol, is examining the codes of the Asia-Pacific region to understand the local requirements in each market and provide an effective and economic solution to increase the resiliency of buildings and protect the stability and growth of these highly-populated, developing areas most prone to cyclone events.

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