TOD Planning in China: Problems and Solutions

Yin Jia
EFC Engineering, Shanghai

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is an urban planning method that has been widely used in many cities in mainland China since its introduction from the United States in the 2000s. Nevertheless, the American TOD theory cannot be applied to urban planning in China without alteration, due to great differences between China and the US in the aspects of city development, land ownership, and urban planning systems. Through the review of the existing TOD planning practices in China, we discuss the debates on TOD benefits, analyzing the existing problems of these planning practices and the specific reasons for deploying certain practices strategically. On the basis of the review of the related policies, regulations, and procedures in city planning, land development, and construction, this presentation considered ways in which the TOD theory can be used in China and proposes the key points and methods for the implementation of TOD in the two most important planning phases in China: urban master planning and detailed regulatory planning.

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