What Is a Smart High-Rise? Integrating Technology and Tall Buildings

Shonn Mills
Global Director High Rise
Ramboll Group, Copenhagen

Technology is changing the way we live and interact. The rate of change is accelerating and having a profound impact on every business sector. As our experience of the built environment is becoming more integrated with the digital, how does this affect the design and development of high-rise buildings? “Smart”, in the current context, is the integration of complimentary existing technologies into a system that provides greater value than the sum of its parts. Tall buildings, the nexus of urbanization, must fully embrace technology in order to remain competitive and relevant. The smart high-rise building will utilize passive and active technology to drive efficiency and flexibility into the asset. It will also integrate architecture with digital functionality to create new experiences and opportunities for creative exchange.

This presentation explored the development of smart buildings and examines how new technology and applications will influence the way tall buildings are designed and developed, citing key benchmark projects around the world as well as venturing into the key drivers of the potential paradigm shift.

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