City Square Green Design

Seifu Bekele
Principal Engineer
Global Wind Technology Services, Melbourne

The City Square micro-climate study was presented in this presentation. The objective of the study was to create a comfortable city square where the interaction of buildings, pavements, vegetation, landscaping, and people are in harmony and create desirable surroundings. The study included an assessment of the wind environment, extent of overshadowing, and the effect of pavement material properties around the proposed development by considering the form and exposure of the development, nearby existing developments, local wind climate, and proposed use of ground level areas in, and adjacent to, the proposed development. The findings of this study were based on a literature review, climate data, overshadow study / solar analysis, and CFD and micro-climate simulations. Thermal comfort was evaluated using three thermal comfort indices, for all the four seasons, to select the optimal design seniors. The presentation concluded by discussing the areas affected by overshadowing, the comparison of thermal comfort on the selection of pavement material, the effects of vegetation, and building materials on the urban micro-climate and how optimum design was achieved.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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