MetroWest Rail – Connecting Communities

Frank Cerra
Managing Director
BG&E, Sydney

The MetroWest Rail proposal – a metro rail line from Sydney's CBD to Westmead – was submitted as an unsolicited proposal to the NSW Government. Infrastructure Australia forecasts 420,000 additional people and 300,000 jobs to be created in this corridor over the next 20 years; therefore, this transport-orientated development is a much-needed project to connect central and western Sydney with Parramatta. It co-locates transport, housing, retail, community services, and employment. The funding mechanism is a unique value-sharing contribution, in which private enterprise contributes significantly to project funding, alongside government involvement. The proposal locates metro rail lines through current light industrial land, and will enable the building of new suburbs with a blend of residential, retail, commercial, and community development. These areas allow will absorb high-density growth between main cities, reducing Sydney’s urban sprawl.

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