Rethinking Schools: A Case for the Efficient Use of School Campuses

Camille Lattouf
Associate, Urban Planner
Architectus, Sydney

This presentation discussed the opportunities to utilize school lands more efficiently, by rethinking the school campus as a combination of vertical, high-rise, internal learning spaces, with shared school and public open spaces and sporting facilities, providing the opportunity to improve amenities in renewal areas experiencing rapid population growth, as well as create land and cost efficiency for the provision of new public infrastructure.

The presentations focused on the following: (1) rethinking our current education campuses as sprawling sites that are closed to the public; (2) making a case for the "vertical school" campus based on Australian as well as internationally focused case studies, including Cambodia and the UK; and (3) outlining the benefits of the vertical campus and the sharing of school facilities and open spaces with the public in terms of making land available for public use and reducing the burden of purchasing and building new facilities.

Vertical arrangements also help address the concerns of schools with regards to security, student safety, and access control, with students able to be contained and secured throughout a single building, while also allowing integration of school facilities with public spaces.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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