Connecting Nine Buildings in Central Jakarta Together with the MRT

Mulyadi Janto
PT Farpoint Prima, Jakarta

We explored Farpoint’s efforts to physically connect nine otherwise dissociated buildings in Jakarta’s Sudirman CBD. One of these buildings is Sequis Tower, which is under construction and aiming to achieve LEED Platinum certification. Sequis Tower stands to benefit its immediate urban surroundings by taking the lead, both with adjacent property owners and government agencies, in ensuring future public connectivity within this critical district. Not only will the nine properties soon be linked together via new walkways and footbridges, they will also join to an MRT station. Integrating separate properties with each other and with public transportation is a unique phenomenon in Jakarta, and is expected to bring unique value to the development. The presentation also addressed the need for pedestrian initiatives in Jakarta, along with lessons learned from managing so many different stakeholders at Sequis Tower (each with their own priorities) around a common goal of serving the Sudirman district’s greater good. The presentation summarized and analyzed how such endeavors are possible, provided that early property development priorities are correctly set, and that stakeholders are properly managed.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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